One of the most difficult jobs of a tournament director is figuring out how many shirts to order for the participants. If you don't order enough, you'll have some upset players. Order too many, and we'll be upset. :-)

It takes us 14 days to manufacture and ship our shirts. We realize that by you having to plan shirts this far in advance, it makes it difficult to estimate the number of shirts you’ll need.

Here are a couple of suggestions that have worked well with other tournaments:

1. Indicate on your entry form that a shirt is available only for the first _____ PAID participants. (Fill in the blank with your shirt total). Not only does this protect you from running out of shirts, but it will also boost your sign-ups AND help your cash flow. You will be amazed at how quickly entry fees will start coming in.
2. Have a cut off date to receive a shirt that is earlier than your deadline to sign up for the tournament; Pay by this date, receive a shirt. Pay after this date, you don’t receive a shirt.

One trend we don't like seeing is tournaments charging separately for a tournament shirt. In some cases players are paying $100+ to play in your tournament. The least you can do is give them a damn shirt for free.